Mushroom Risotto

recipe adapted from this

10-11 cups chicken broth (or prepared chicken stock)
3 T olive oil
16oz sliced mushrooms
2 shallots (diced) can subst. red onion in dire situations
minced garlic (to taste. I use a lot)
1.5 c Arborio rice
1/2 c white wine (or Andre extra dry)
pepper to taste
chives (chopped, to taste) can subst. green onion
1/2 stick butter
grated parmesan (to taste) I use about a cup

Make chicken stock/broth in a saucepan, bring to a boil/almost boil.
Put 2T oil in BIG skillet over med-high heat, add mushrooms and some garlic, cook until soft. Set mushrooms & juices aside in a bowl.
Add 1 T olive oil back into skillet and add in the shallots and a little more garlic.  Cook for a minute then add in the rice and stir until rice is coated with oil. 
When rice is pale/clear looking add in the wine, and stir.  Add the broth/stock into the rice skillet one cup at a time until the rice absorbs it all. Keep stirring, takes a while, drink the extra wine meanwhile.
note*The skillet needs to be hot, the broth should boil when it is poured into the skillet.  Stir continuously until everything is absorbed (takes about 20+min)*
Remove from heat, add the mushrooms back in along with chives, butter, pepper, parmesan.

more photos