Update (4/3/2015):
Slowly migrating to www.coveredinbacon.com 
for now the page redirects to this site.  Going to change over to a more bacon-friendly theme, and redesign the site :)

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I created this site as a personal record/reference of recipes I have made, because it got to be too much of a hassle to keep updating/organizing a recipe book. My recipes/images are free to use for non-profit, non-commercial purposes as long as credit is given to http://raptorshark.blogspot.com
older recipe photos taken with an old Galaxy s2 phone, 2014 recipes taken with Nexus 5. I don't feel the need to correct white balance on any of the pics on this site. 

My first recipe attempt was bread pudding, after eating it for the 1st time at Planet Hollywood. It turned out decent, I experimented with 2 versions and 2 sauces (rum, and vanilla) that I found on allrecipes.com. After that I fully immersed myself with slow cooker recipes. More recently I started obsessing over Kitchen Nightmares, which led me to watching the show "The F Word" and attempting to make the more gourmet style recipes that Gordon Ramsay demonstrates on the show.
Right now I'm trying to stray from the "bacon & cheese makes everything awesome" philosophy & progress into more hands-on type cooking, especially sauces.

My greatest compliment so far is being dubbed "the master of the potato" by friends that I cooked for.

Some of my favorite recipe sites are: