Kalua Pulled Pork

Delicious and simple pulled pork, found recipe here

6lb pork butt (aka pork shoulder. it is the "butt" of the shoulder. I used 4.65 lb, the largest I could find.)
Coarse sea salt (or Hawaiian sea salt if you can find it)
Liquid smoke (found in bbq section at grocery store)

Stab the pork all over with a fork & rub with sea salt. Pour a little bit of water in the slow cooker (enough to cover the bottom) and place pork in cooker.
Pour ~3 T of liquid smoke over the pork.
Cook in slow cooker on low for 12-16 hours.  (turn meat over after around 8 hours).
Shred with fork.
I served with provelone cheese on pretzel buns

more photos: