Chicken Teriyaki Footlongs (Penn Station Style)

My attempt at recreating Penn Station's teriyaki chicken sandwich

INGREDIENTS: (makes 2)
2 french bread baguettes
2 boneless chicken breasts (or 3-4 thin sliced breasts)
6-8oz fresh mushrooms, sliced
sliced onion
minced garlic
teriyaki sauce
mushroom steak sauce
sliced provelone

Make the bread dough ahead of time (can refrigerate if needed after it rises).
Bake 2 bread baguettes while you prepare the sandwich filling on the stovetop.
Cut the chicken into thin strips. Add a little olive oil to a skillet and cook the chicken. Add in a little teriyaki sauce.
In a separate, larger skillet, cook the mushroom & onion with some garlic. Add in teriyaki and mushroom steak sauce.
After the chicken is cooked add it in with the mushrooms/onion.
When the bread is done, remove it from oven & set the oven to broil mode.
Slice the bread, add in the chicken/mushroom/onion filling, and top with sliced provelone.
Place under broiler for a couple min, till cheese melted.
Serve warm, with some fries maybe.

note: these were good, but freakin messy. Next time I might try using flatbread or something that would make it easier to pick up.

more photos: