Pear & Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This was AWESOME so good. Found the original recipe here

INGREDIENTS: (for one sandwich)
2 pieces of sliced bread (I used Sara Lee or something white bread)
cooked bacon (I used 4 strips per sandwich)
sliced sharp white cheddar
a few slices of Bartlett pear
2 big spinach leaves
(optional) raspberry jelly (I used Strawberry cuz I had a couple packets lol)
egg (or egg whites)

Heat up a skillet.
Assemble cheese, pear, spinach, bacon on sandwich. I put jelly on one side and honey on the other.
Melt butter in skillet. Brush one side of sandwich with egg white and place that side down on the skillet.
Smash sandwich down with something heavy like a cast iron skillet.
Brush the other side of the sandwich with egg white, add more butter to skillet and flip over.
Serve warm  (I served with Campbells Home Style "Creamy Gouda Bisque w Chicken")

Second time I made these I used mayo instead of jelly. Both ways were good.

more photos: