Sea Bass with Sorrel Sauce

this recipe is featured on "The F Word" season 2, episode 2.
Note: I used spinach instead of sorrel, because I forgot to get sorrel (doh!)

Sea bass fillets**
salt / pepper
olive oil

fish stock: (can use store bought instead)
bones from the sea bass
bay leaves
fresh parsley
fresh thyme
dry white wine

sorrel sauce:
shallots, chopped
salt, pepper
dry white wine
fish stock (see above)
sorrel, chopped (I used spinach)

Filet the sea bass leave skin on. Save the bones (leave whatever meat on the bones) to make stock out of.
Rub salt & cracked pepper on the filets, and set aside on a plate while you make the stock.
Make the fish stock:
Put the fish bones in a large pot. Add in some water. (I didn't use exact measurements, I made more than enough stock  froze the leftover). Use enough water to cover the bones plus all the vegetables, you can always add more.
Add in the other stock ingreds and bring to a boil. Let simmer for awhile & reduce, like 20-30min.
Strain out the liquid & set aside. Discard the bones/vegetables etc.

Now make the sauce:
Heat up a skillet & add in a few pieces of butter.
Add in the shallots & salt/pepper.
Add in some wine, and reduce.
Add in some fish stock. Reduce.
Add in some cream, and let simmer for a few min.
Sift out the liquid and add into a saucepan. Stir in the sorrel.

Cook the sea bass:
Heat up a skillet & add in olive oil.
Place sea bass fillets in skillet, skin side down.
Cook like 3-5 min each side, baste with the juices in the skillet. It cooks pretty fast.
After fish is done remove from heat, serve with the sauce.
I served with boiled broccoli & wild rice.

**note: I used a whole Mediterranean sea bass that I got from Whole Foods bc the fish market was closed. I also got some "Chilean Sea Bass" from a groc store because 2 more people made the guest list & I already left Whole Foods lol, but it was frozen with no skin. I cooked it along with the sea bass, but it wasn't near as good. Chilean Sea Bass is apparently not really a bass, it's a marketing ploy. Next time will hit up the fish market for a nice large sea bass.

more photos: