Chicken Pastilla

Recipe video here
I had some chicken & was looking for a simple Ramsay recipe haha. I followed it & added mushrooms.
Next time I'm going to bastardize this recipe & make some kind of breakfast filling

10 sheets of filo (phyllo) dough
melted butter
chicken thigh meat, chopped (I chopped it before cooking it. can chop after, whatever is easier).
fresh mushrooms, sliced (I used around 12oz)
chicken stock
yellow onion, sliced thin
ginger (fresh or powder)
2 eggs, beaten
sliced almonds (I used honey roasted almonds from salad/crouton aisle)
(optional) grated parmesan
powdered sugar (for garnish)

Set out the filo dough if it's frozen.

Make the filling:
Heat up a big skillet & add in the onion, mushrooms, & some ginger.
Cook till onions are soft, then add in a bit of cinnamon & sugar.
Add in the chicken, and cook it till the chicken is done.
Add in chicken stock, simmer for a few min.
Stir in eggs.
Add in the almonds.
(optional) Mix in some parmesan (or other cheese)
Remove skillet from heat.

Heat oven to 425F.
In an appropriate sized oven-safe skillet (cast iron best) assemble the filo dough:
Brush each piece of filo dough with melted butter.
Layer 4 sheets in the skillet (drape it over the edge of the skillet & carefully press it into the skillet). Add in half of the chicken filling mixture.
Layer 4 more filo dough sheets on top of the filling. Then top with the rest of the filling.
Layer on 2 more sheets of dough.
Fold all the overhanging dough into the skillet (basically making this thing upside down you will flip it later). Brush some more butter on top.
Place skillet in oven & bake for 10-15 min, till it turns golden brown on top.
Remove skillet from oven & flip the pastilla "pie" onto a baking sheet.
Add back into the oven for 10 more min.
Remove & sprinkle powdered sugar on top.
Let it cool for a min till it's sliceable, serve warm.
I served over noodles.

more photos: