Cucumber Blueberry Slaw

I saw this recipe in the June 2013 issue of Better Homes & Gardens. I improved it. It's a nice, fresh slaw, and a good way to balance spicy entree

~8oz mixed baby greens (see photo below of what I used) Can use spinach, or romaine, or whatever you prefer.
~12oz blueberries
1 cucumber, peeled and sliced then cut into 4ths
3-4 green onions, chopped
6oz crumbled feta
dried (or fresh chopped) parsely, to taste
big ol glob of minced garlic
salt/pepper to taste
few scoops of lite mayo (add a little at a time so you don't over-mayo it)
buttermilk (I bought a 1/2 pint, and used like 1/2 of it maybe)

Mix it all together in a big bowl

notes: Last time I made this I just grabbed a big pile of baby spinach leaves, cut em up fine then dumped everything else in, I thought I added too much mayo (which is why I edited the recipe to say add a little at a time) but nobody seemed bothered by it)

more photos: