St. Louis Style Pizza (Multiple Variations) *BEST PIZZA*

Recipe borrowed from this
This is the closest recipe to Imo's that I've had so far! See multiple variations below.
Update: I dont make my own crust much anymore, for time saving reasons mainly. Also I have found that the tube dough tastes pretty much the same (oddly enough Walmart's refrigerated pizza dough in the tube is better than Pillsbury I think). I roll the dough thin as possible (often stuff the crust) and bake on a baking sheet and more recently a pizza stone (it gets the bottom of the pizza crispier if you freeze the pizza then bake from frozen on a pizza stone).


1 1/4 c flour
1/2 t salt
1/2 t baking powder
2 t olive oil
1 t light corn syrup
1/2 c water
Italian seasonings
Note* I have since increased the dough ingreds by 50% in order to fully cover my baking sheets.
50% larger dough recipe:
1.875c flour (aka 7.5  1/4cups)
3/4t salt
3/4t baking powder
3t olive oil
1.5t corn syrup
3/4c water
Italian seasonings

Pasta sauce
Alfredo sauce
shredded provel cheese
turkey bacon, cooked/chopped
mushrooms, cooked w/garlic
crumbled sausage
Italian seasoning
(or any other desired toppings)

Chili dog pizza toppings (see photos):
Andouille sausage, sliced
1 can chili (no beans)
shredded cheddar

Sausagefest pizza
Layer of alfredo/pasta sauce mixture
Shredded Provel (Schnucks/Dierbergs sells it)
Crumbled turkey sausage
1 pkg real bacon pieces
Canadian bacon
(sometimes pepperoni)
(optional: I have cut chunks of cheddar cheese and rolled the edge of the dough over it to make stuffed-crust pizza. Came out noiceee).

BLT Pizza (inspired by Lehmann's):
Layer of alfredo/pasta sauce (or just alfredo)
Layer of provel/Italian cheeses
5-6oz real bacon bits
(after baking and slicing) top with:
3 diced roma tomatoes
shredded lettuce
drizzle with mayo
(I have done a version using spinach in which I baked the pizza with the tomatoes/spinach on top. Def like adding the lettuce/tomato after baking better. After cutting the pizza is easiest).

Alfredo Sausage Bacon Pizza:
Layer of alfredo sauce (I used Prego bacon alfredo)
Layer of Imos shredded provel
Pre-cooked, crumbled turkey sausage
3oz real bacon bits
~6oz sliced fresh mushrooms
Little extra shredded cheese on top, and Italian seasoning

note: To make stuffed crust, place sliced brick mozzarella around the edge and roll dough over it (see photos below)
second note: finally got the pizza stone to work (after previous attempt pizza stuck to it).  Made pizza the night before on a baking sheet & placed in freezer. The next day heated the pizza stone in the oven, sprinkled cornmeal on it, then cooked the frozen pizza on it.  The bottom of the pizza turned out crispy FINALLY

Preheat oven to 450F.
Mix all dough ingredients, and roll out dough as thin as possible.
Put dough on a cornmeal-coated baking sheet, and top with the toppings.
Bake 12-15 min, till desired crispyness.

more photos:

Chili dog pizza:

Sausagefest (using dough recipe):

the 50% larger dough recipe ^

BLT pizza:

sausagefest w pillsbury dough (stuffed crust):

Sausage bacon alfredo mushroom, w pillsbury dough (with stuffed crust):

pizza that I froze then baked on pizza stone: