Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

recipe adapted from this "A nice change of pace" said Pantz
INGREDIENTS: (makes 2)
2  ramekins/pie dishes(5"x2" )
1 jar pasta sauce
toppings (I used canned mushrooms/pre-cooked crumbled sausage/mini pepperoni)
mozzarella cheese, chunk cheese sliced into 6 pieces (can use shreded or deli mozz also)
1 tube (12-13oz)  refrigerated pizza dough

Preheat oven to 425F.
Spray inside & outside of ramekins with cooking spray.
Place 3 slices of cheese in each ramekin. Then layer the toppings.
Pour in pasta sauce to fill ramekin.
Roll out the pizza dough and divide in half (roll into a ball if necessary) and. Stretch/roll out each dough piece and place over each ramekin, letting it hang over the edge.
Bake for 15-18 min (till dough looks crispy enough).
Using potholder/oven mitt carefully invert each ramekin onto a plate and pry off the ramekin with a fork.
Serve om nom nom nom

more photos: