Pizza Flatbreads *AWESOME*

Used this recipe as a starting point. These are really good & easy to customize with whatever toppings you like

Flatbread (I've used"Flat-Out" brand flatbread varieties, pre-made store bought Naan, and Kangaroo brand flatbread)
Sauce (I used alfredo & Prego vodka sauce or fontina/asiago flavor)
     Grilled chicken (I got pre-cooked sliced chicken, & heated up in sauce pan with seasonings/olive oil)
     Crumbled turkey sausage
     fresh spinach, chopped
     shredded cheese
     "real" bacon bits
     Italian seasoning

alternate version (last photos):
alfredo / pasta sauce
crumbled pre-cooked turkey sausage
bacon bits
fresh mushrooms
shredded provel cheese
Italian seasoning
Spicy "Flat-Out" flatbread & plain Naan

Preheat oven to 375F.
Lay out the flatbread on a greased baking sheet.
Spread thin layer of sauce(s). Top with toppings.
Bake 12-15min, till kinda crispy.
Serve with left over sauce for dipping.

more photos: (I have made these a bunch of times, large photo gallery lol)

alternate version: