Steak Bites w/ Wine Mushroom Sauce

Used recipe from here (questionable legitimacy but some good recipe ideas on there)

sirloin steak, cut into pieces/fat cut off (or beef tips or cubed "stew meat")
1/2 stick butter

mushroom sauce:
container of fresh sliced mushrooms
1 stick butter
few pinches of minced garlic
3 green onions, chopped
1.5 c red wine (I used bottom shelf Merlot. it tasted nasty by itself, but really good after it was cooked in the sauce)
couple pinches of parsley, chopped (I used dried parsley bc my plant isnt grown yet)

mushroom sauce:
In a mediumish large skillet, melt butter over med-high heat.
Add in the mushrooms, garlic, and green onions. After mushrooms are cooked down, stir in the wine.
Keep cooking until the liquid is reduced by around half.
Add in a little butter and parsley.
Serve over steakkkkk!

Season the steak pieces with kosher salt and pepper.
Heat up a skillet to medium-high/high heat. Place 1/2 a stick of butter in the skillet.
Once skillet is heated and butter is starting to brown, put half of the steak pieces in the skillet. Brown them for no more than 60 seconds, then flip them over and brown the other side no more than 60sec. Transfer steak pieces to a plate/saucepan. Basically you want the inside to be pinkish so it stays tender inside and crispy outside, also the steak continues to cook after you remove it from the skillet.
Add more butter to skillet and repeat process with the other half of the steak pieces.

more photos: