Stovetop Beer Brats w/ fixins

Very tasty brats cooked in beer, served topped w/ spicy chili & pineapple slaw
I categorized this under "grill" even tho I cooked them on the stove. I dunno if brats are considered pork or beef (or neither lol)

Brats (I used a 4-pack of large fresh brats from Schnucks)
1 can of beer (I used Busch)
A few pinches of minced garlic
little bit of olive oil
Buns (we used leftover onion burger buns)
Shredded cheddar
slow cooker chili
pineapple slaw

Prep the chili and slaw ahead of time.
Stab the brats with a fork a few times.
Heat a skillet over med-hi heat, add in the brats. Drizzle a little bit of oil over them.
Pour in enough beer to cover the brats like halfway (I used prob 80% of a can, so like ~10oz).
Throw in some minced garlic.
Heat up till it gets simmering, then let it go till the brats are no longer pink on the bottom.
Flip brats over, and simmer till the beer evaporates & they are fully cooked.
Serve on buns topped with the shredded cheese & chili & slaw.

note: we had leftover burger buns, so we cut up the brats & made into like a brat sandwich.

more photos:

pineapple slaw ^