Fancy Party Spread

This would be good for a holiday party. Sounds gross, looks gross, but tastes really good! It's thicker, like a cheese ball. Found recipe here

a big shallot, sliced/chopped
pesto (I wanted to make some but didnt have time so bought it)
sundried tomato spread (or use real sun dried tomatoes. I bought spread for time saving purposes)
pine nuts
8oz feta (can use more)
8oz cream cheese (or neufchatel)
vermouth (tiny bit cuz vermouth tastes like balls. can use champagne or vodka etc)
dash of minced garlic
white pepper
stick of butter
crackers etc for spreading the dip on

Grab a decent size bowl (to layer the dip in) and line with plastic wrap (for easy removal once it solidifies).
In a food processor blend the butter, shallot pieces, feta, cream cheese, vermouth, white pepper, garlic.
In the plastic-lined bowl, layer: tomato spread, pine nuts, pesto, the blended cheese mixture. Repeat another layer of each.
Refrigerate at least an hour, then turn over onto a serving plate & remove the plastic wrap.
Serve w crackers etc.

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