Prosciutto-wrapped, Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Yet another Ramsay recipe, found here

boneless. skinless chicken breasts (I used a pkg of 10 thin sliced breasts to make 5 total)
prosciutto (1 slice per serving. I used 5 slices)
ricotta cheese
fresh parsley, chopped
fresh sage leaves
thyme (I ran out of fresh so used dried)
garlic & herb seasoning
olive oil
minced garlic

make the filling:
In a bowl mix ricotta (1 large scoop for each serving. I used like 2/3 of the container)
Stir in some chopped sage, chopped parsley, salt, pepper. Set aside.

If you are using regular chicken breasts, butterfly them.
Lay out a piece of plastic wrap for each breast. Lay a piece of prosciutto on the plastic wrap.
Place a sage leaf on top of the prosciutto.
Place the chicken breast on top of that, and stuff with some of the ricotta filling.
(In my case I placed a thin breast slice, then the filling, then topped with a second thin breast slice).
Fold up the ends of the chicken breast (if applicable) and wrap the prosciutto around it,
Wrap up in plastic wrap.
Place in fridge for awhile.

Heat oven to 400F. Place baking sheet in the oven so it heats up.
Heat up a skillet to med heat & add in some olive oil. Brown both sides of the chicken in the skillet.
Remove the heated baking sheet & sprinkle some garlic in it, and garlic/herb seasoning.
Place the chicken on the baking sheet, and sprinkle more seasoning on top, along with some thyme.
Bake for 15min. Chicken is done when internal temp is 165F.
Remove chicken from oven, cover with foil, & let rest for a few min.

I served with parmesan orzo and steamed vegetables.

note: Next time I'm going to try marinating the chicken beforehand

more photos: