Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb

Saw this recipe on F Word season 1 episode 1. Had to try it, the crust coating was so good.

Rack of lamb (I got a 2lb pack but just used 1 of the racks)
salt, pepper
dijon mustard
bread crumbs
fresh parsley
fresh rosemary
fresh thyme
grated parmesan
olive oil

Preheat oven to 450F.
Heat up a skillet to med/high,
Cut the lamb rack into 3 segments (or adjust based on how many servings. I did 3 servings)
Rub the lamb with salt & pepper.
Add some olive oil into skillet & brown the lamb on all sides to get some color on there.
Remove skillet from heat. Place lamb in the skillet, place skillet in oven for 8min.
Meanwhile pull the leaves off the herbs and place in a blender with the bread crumbs, parm, & olive oil. Blend to make a nice crumbly green colored coating.
(The amount depends on how much you need. I kept adding more parsley till it had a nice green tint. I prob made 1.5 c of it and had half leftover).
Take the lamb skillet out of the oven, brush with dijon, & rub each piece of lamb in the green mixture (like fun dip lol).
Place lamb in skillet back in the oven for 4-8 more min (I cooked till 145F I wanted it pretty medium bc its lamb!)
Slice lamb between the bones & serve.

I served with sauteed cherry tomatoes/zucchini/garlic/balsamic vinegar and scalloped potatoes

more photos: