Chicken Roulade

This was featured on "The F Word" season 2, episode 5!! Was delish. Easily modified to use whatever filling you want.

deboned chicken leg/thigh quarters
raw bacon (4-5 strips per piece of chicken)
ground sausage (I used 1lb for 4 servings, less would be fine)
handful of pistachios (shelled)
fresh thyme
fresh parsley
salt, pepper, garlic (to taste)

sherry vinegar
chicken stock (1 or 2 cups)
aluminum foil

Heat up a big pot of water.
Debone chicken if needed (I got bone-in quarters and sucked at removing the bones, but doesn't matter bc it will be wrapped in bacon. Can use pounded breast meat or whatever else instead)
In a bowl combine the ground sausage, pistachios, thyme, parsley, salt, pepper, garlic.
Lay out a piece of foil. Throw down some salt/pepper on it. Lay out 4 or 5 bacon strips next to eachother on the foil.
Lay a piece of chicken on top of the bacon strips.
Form some of the sausage filling into an ovoid shape. Lay it on top of the chicken,
Now roll it all up in the foil so that the bacon is wrapped around the outside of everything, and seal the ends of the foil (basically make a big foil tootsie roll with the bacon wrapping up the chicken inside it) see photo below.
Poach the chicken: throw the foil-wrapped chicken in the pot of water & boil for 25 min.
Remove the foil-wrapped chicken & refrigerate for 30 min.

Heat up a skillet to med-high, add some oil. Unwrap the foil from the chicken and roll it around to cook it on all sides. Spoon juices over it as it cooks, When interior is 165F it's done, Set aside on plate and let it rest while you make some SAUCE.
Deglaze skillet with some sherry vinegar. Reduce it then add in some Marsala.
Reduce again then add in some chicken stock.I added some garlic also.
Slice chicken rolls at an angle and serve with some of the sauce over it.

I served over risotto.

note: I didn't add a roux to the sauce, probably should have. Will try it next time

more photos: