Bacon Ranch Potatoes

Modded this recipe used this as a basis  THIS IS AN EPIC SIDE DISH

5 lb of red potatoes, cut into pieces (skin on)
olive oil
kosher salt
12oz bacon, cooked/chopped (or 4 packets of "real bacon bits")
bunch of green onions, chopped
bacon ranch dressing (to taste. eyeball it)
8oz shredded sharp white cheddar (I have also used sharp regular cheddar, & provel)
(optional) fresh parsley, chopped

Preheat oven to 425F.
Place potatoes in a big greased baking pan/ baking sheet. Pour on some olive oil, salt & pepper, and mix everything around so the potatoes get coated. Add additional salt/pepper if needed.
Bake for 45min.
After potatoes are done, transfer them to a large bowl, and mix in the bacon, green onions, ranch, and shredded cheese. Serve warm.

more photos: