Country Skillet

Based this on the skillets at local breakfast restaurant Sunrise

INGREDIENTS: (serves 2, with leftovers)
Hash browns/home fries (I used 1 pkg of each Bob Evans sides, can use whatever other kind).
~9oz cooked crumbled sausage (I used pre-cooked turkey sausage)
8oz drained, sliced mushrooms
8-10 pieces cooked turkey bacon, chopped into small pieces
8-12oz shredded sharp cheddar
extra shredded cheese for topping
minced garlic, to taste
seasoned salt/pepper, to taste
sausage/homestyle gravy
4 eggs

Cook the bacon with some minced garlic. Chop finely, and save some full pieces to serve with the skillet.
Cook the hash brown according to package directions in a bigass skillet. Add seasonings if you want.
Add in the sausage, bacon, and mushrooms, and some extra garlic. Cook for a few more min then turn the heat down.
Add in shredded cheese(s).
Spread mixture into skillets (or in my case aluminum cake pans) and warm in oven while you cook the eggs.
Warm up/cook the gravy.
Cook eggs over easy (or however you like eggs).
Top each serving with gravy and 2 eggs.

more photos: