Spinach & Gruyere -stuffed Pork Chops

Got the idea from this recipe, but I modded it & adapted for slow cooker!! Buffalo Bob said they were really good :)
cross section photo:

marinade: (dash of each)
          pinot noir wine
          white wine vinegar (or regular vinegar)
          minced garlic
          oil (canola or olive)
          soy sauce
12-16oz fresh sliced mushrooms (optional)
5 boneless pork chops (thick-cut is better)
fresh spinach leaves, torn into pieces
cheese (I used gruyere & extra sharp white cheddar)
dash of red wine (I used pinot noir)
1c beef broth (I made from stock)
1 packet onion soup mix
few dashes of soy sauce, teriyaki, & worcestershire
onion soup mix packet

Place pork chops in marinade mixture for 30+min.
Throw mushrooms in bottom of 3qt slow cooker (use larger if more than 5 pork chops)
Top with some worcestershire, terikayi.
Stuff/roll up the pork chops:
     If the pork chops are thick enough, slice into one side of them to make a pocket, then stuff each pocket with cheese(s) / spinach. I tried this but my pork chops were too thin to do it correctly so I ended up rolling the cheese/spinach up inside them & securing with toothpicks.
Place the pork chops on top of the mushrooms.
Sprinkle on the onion soup mix.
Sprinkle on some soy sauce, and the 1c beef broth.

Cook till pork reaches 145F. (It only took me 3hrs on low).

note: I have also made this with a pork loin that I sliced open, then rolled up & secured with toothpicks (See bottom photo).

more photos:

pork loin version: