Smoked Beer Can Chicken

Used tips from my mom and from brinkmann website. I used an electric smoker, if you have a charcoal smoker etc then adapt this recipe as needed.

whole chicken (I kinda cheated I used a 6lb marinated "roaster" chicken that had the guts/neck pre-removed)
can of beer (I used Busch)
rub (I used weber garlic & herb, poultry seasoning, and garlic salt).
wood chips (I used hickory)

Prep smoker according to smoker directions. Soak wood chips in advance.
Use can opener to cut top off of beer can, drink 1/3 of it. Add bunch of minced garlic into the remaining beer.
Rub seasonings onto the chicken.
Shove the beercan in the chicken ass (I used a beer can chicken holder thing).
Smoke for 6-7 hrs. Mine was 160F after 6hrs, I let it go a little longer.
Allow chicken to rest for a few min before eating. Also remove the beer can..
Eat or repurpose (I shredded it and made bbq quesadillas)

note: the seasoning on the skin tasted really good, but the skin was pretty chewy, I ended up peeling most of it off then shredded the chicken to make quesadillas with.  I'm not sure how to get the skin crispy using a smoker (I was cooking it for the meat anyway not the skin).

more photos:

leftovers: "no disassemble!" lol