Smoked Pork Butt (pulled pork)

Found this recipe here!!! Used it as a guide along with youtube vids on electric smoking.

8 lb pork butt (shoulder)
seasoning (I used packet of mccormick smokin texas bbq)
spray mop:
1/4 c oil
1 c cider (I used hard cider)

wood chips (I used applewood)
BBQ sauce
Buns (I used kings hawaiian)
sliced cheese

Night before: coat the pork butt with mustard & then the seasoning.
Wrap with plastic wrap.
The next day smoke the meat according to your smoker directions for ~8hrs, till inside temp is at least 145F(safe to eat temp) (the original recipe says 180F is best for shredding).
Fill a spray bottle with the oil & cider, and spray the pork butt every hour or so. Can use a bowl/brush & baste it instead if u want.
After meat is done, remove from smoker, put in a pan, let it rest a bit then shred it with meat claws or forks.
Add in some BBQ sauce & serve in sandwich form.

The word is cook for about 1 hr per pound of meat. Mine was at 160F after only 6 hrs, so it depends I guess. I let mine keep cooking longer bc we weren't ready to eat yet & I figured it'd be easier to shred if it cooked longer. I just covered it with foil @ around 6 hrs & let it go for another 1.5 hrs).
Also I have an electric smoker, I tried doing the soaked wood chips in a packet of foil w/ holes in it. Worked great for an hour but then it got burned up, I kept just throwing more wood chips in every hour or so. Going to invest in a metal smoker box for next time.

more photos: