BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

yet another awesome recipe I found here

INGREDIENTS: (makes 4)
4 big flour tortillas (1 tortilla = 1 quesadilla)
shredded chicken (I used pulled smoked chicken)
BBQ sauce
"real" bacon bits
shredded monterrey jack / mexican cheeses
any additional fillings that you want
(optional) ranch for dipping

For each quesadilla, assemble as follows:
Spread some bbq sauce, layer on some cheeses.
Add shredded chicken & bacon to half of the tortilla.
Top with some more cheese.
Fold tortilla in half.
Cook each side of quesadilla on a big skillet over med-hi heat. I sprayed some cooking spray in the skillet each time before I flipped the quesadilla
After I cooked each side I warmed in the over on a backing sheet @ 375F for about 10 min (I wanted to make sure the inside was hot).
Slice into triangles/serve.

more photos: