Chicken Bacon Ravioli Carbonara

Found this recipe here it was pretty awesome! Added extra bacon & a couple other slight mods

2 chicken breasts
minced garlic (to taste. I used a lot)
oregano, parsley, rosemary, basil
~40oz frozen/refrigerated ravioli (I used a 20oz pkg of cheese ravioli & a 20oz pkg of meat ravioli)
3c chicken broth
2 eggs, beaten
1 or 2 c half & half (I wanted to use 2 but I had like 1.5-ish)
1c grated parmesan
1.5c shredded cheese (I used some mexican blend & cheddar cuz that's what I had)
~6oz real bacon pieces
~12oz alfredo sauce

Cut up the chicken into bite sized pieces.
If ravioli is frozen, set it out so it defrosts a bit.
Add some oil to a big skillet and cook the chicken over med-high heat.
Drain out juices, add the chicken back into the skillet, along with the seasonings and minced garlic.
Mix it up and cook for a few minutes, reduce the heat a bit, and add in the broth, half&half and eggs.
Add in the ravioli and cover, let it simmer a few min.
Remove lid and let it continue simmering till the sauce thickens/reduces a bit.
Add in the parmesan, shredded cheeses, and bacon.
Add in alfredo sauce as needed. (I added the whole jar bc I wanted the pasta to be more sauce-y).

more photos: