Refried Beans

Turned out awesome!!! Found recipe here

3 c dry pinto beans (16oz bag)
1 onion (or half a big onion). Skin removed & cut in half, (not chopped).
minced jalapeno (to taste)
minced garlic (a few big pinches)
few dashes of: cumin / oregano / chili powder / cayenne pepper
9 c chicken broth

1 c shredded mex cheese
1 packet taco seasoning

Rinse off the pinto beans, place in bottom of slow cooker.
Cut an onion in half and place in the slow cooker. The onion will pretty much dissolve as it cooks.
Add in the jalapeno, garlic, seasonings.
Pour in the broth and stir everything.
Cook on high for 8 hrs. (If liquid evaporates, add water as needed. I added an additional cup of water about halfway thru cooking).
Strain the beans from the liquid, reserve the liquid. Remove any big onion pieces.
Add 1 c shredded cheese and 1 packet taco seasoning to the beans, and mix using a hand mixer (or potato masher).
Serve warm.

note* Add any reserved bean liquid if you want to thin out the beans. Also save it if you have any leftovers to help thin the beans when reheating. Can store the extra bean liquid on top of the refried beans in the same container. I haven't tried freezing the leftovers but I read that it freezes well.

more photos: