Shark Kebobs


mako shark filets, cut into pieces
shark marinade:
cider vinegar
lemon juice
olive oil
soy sauce
lemmon pepper seasoning
mango lime seafood seasoning
minced garlic

Cut up the shark and place in big ziplock bag with the marinade for 30 min+ (I did mine overnight).
Place the shark on kebob skewers and grill until 145F. (We cooked ours a little long, be sure not to overcook or the shark will be tough. It only takes like 3-5 min each side to cook.

Along with the shark I did chicken, sausage, vegetables, pineapple using this recipe
We did this again for Shark Week 2014; used same marinade but grilled the shark steaks in foil. Just don't grill too long or it'll get tough.

more photos: