Chicken Bacon Shish Kabobs

Recipe adapted from this and this 

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts - cut into chunks
Bacon - uncooked
Bell pepper - cut into large pieces
Sweet onion - cut into large pieces
Pineapple - cut into chunks
kielbasa/smoked sausage - cut into slices
Marinade: (make 2 of these, one for chicken the other for vegetables)
     1/4 c vegetable oil
     1/3 c honey
     1/3 c soy sauce
     1/3 c cider vinegar (or substitute lemon juice)
     1 t minced garlic
     pepper/seasonings to taste (I like Weber Garlic&Herb)

Mix marinade ingredients together in a bowl, reserving some for basting on the grill.  Put chicken and marinade in one leakproof container (I used gallon size Ziplock bags) and the vegetables in a second container (don't marinade bacon or pineapple).  Refrigerate for desired amount of time (I did 8 hours, but can do a quick marinade for like 30 min).
Preheat grill to medium-low heat (if you can hold your hand about 3 inches above grill surface for a few seconds, that is the best temperature, it won't cook the vegetables too fast in relation to the chicken).
Wrap each piece of chicken with bacon, and stick on skewers along with the other ingredients. Discard the marinade that the chicken was in (you don't want to baste with raw chicken tainted juice).
Grill kabobs, basting with extra marinade.
*Note* Made these again, using this marinade for the chicken. I marinated the chicken separately, then sausage/mushrooms in a separate bag, and vegetables in a 3rd bag. I put the chicken on skewers by itself, then after it was done I topped with the ranch mixture & cheezit mixture, and put under broiler for a couple min. Def the best kabobs so far

more photos

de-sticked kabobs (chicken on left, after topped/broiled)