Beef Bourguignon

Used this recipe, but modded it for slow cooker

INGREDIENTS: (used 7qt slow cooker)
~2 lbs beef roast, cubed (I used 2.39 lbs eye of round roast)
8oz uncooked bacon, chopped
10oz fresh mushrooms, sliced
3c Burgundy wine (I used California Pinot Noir)
beef broth (as needed to cover the meat, I added prob 1 c to the marinade)
1 onion, chopped
bunch of baby carrots (or 2 whole carrots), chopped
sprig of parsley, chopped
1 bay leaf
10 whole peppercorns
few dashes of salt
dash of Worcestershie

for sauce:
1 stick butter
3 T flour
1 T tomato paste
spoonful of minced garlic
1c beef broth
1 beef bullion cube

Cut the fat off the meat and cut meat into cubes.
In a bowl with a lid (or a big ziplock bag), combine all the marinade ingredients. Then add in the beef.
When I originally made the marinade it didnt fully cover the beef/vegetables enough, so I poured in some beef broth (also to decrease the intense wine flavor a bit). I prob added about 1 cup of broth.
Place marinated beef/vegetables in fridge for 24-48 hours.
In a big skillet melt 1/2 stick of butter over med-high heat.
Strain the meat out of the marinade and brown in the skillet. Remove meat & set aside in a bowl.
Cook 1/2 package (8oz) of chopped bacon in the same skillet. Brown the bacon, but don't fully cook it. Remove the bacon and put it with the beef.
Add 3T flour into the bacon juice in the skillet. Stir it to make a roux. Scrape it into a bowl & set aside.
Pour a couple scoops of marinade juice into the skillet to deglaze it. Dump everything back into the bowl of marinade.
Add 4 T butter into the skillet.
Strain out the onion and carrots from the marinade and put in the skillet, along with a spoonful of garlic and some salt.. Sautee until soft (~10min).
Scoop out the carrots/onion and add into the bowl with the beef and bacon.
Add the roux mixture back into the skillet.
Add in the 1T tomato paste, 1c beef broth, bullion cube, and remaining marinade juice from the original marinade.
Add in more garlic and pepper. Bring to a boil, and simmer ~5min. (At this point I added about 1cup of water/cornstarch slurry to thicken the sauce).
Dump the beef/bacon/vegetable mixture into the slow cooker. Pour the skillet sauce over it.
Cook on low for ~8 hours, or high for ~4 hours.
Before serving cook the sliced mushrooms in butter or oil in a skillet until soft. (I added in some mushroom gravy and garlic).
Serve the beef and mushrooms over pasta or rice.

note*Honestly this was a lot of prep work for a meal that was VERY similar to slow cooker pot roast.
Next time I might just add some wine to the slow cooker pot roast recipe and it would prob taste about the same.

more photos: