Harry's Tiger Pie Imitation

Saw the Harry's Tiger Pie on Bizarre Foods, decided to try and somewhat imitate it. At Harry's they use small meat-filled pie crusts; instead I skimped & used frozen pot pies.
Used this recipe for the mushy peas

INGREDIENTS: (makes 2 pies)
2 store-bough pot pies, cooked
instant mashed potatoes, prepared according to directions
mushy peas:
10oz frozen peas (I got the microwave-steam kind)
1/4c heavy cream
1 T butter
dash of salt/pepper
dash of sugar

Cook the pot pies, potatoes, gravy.
Make the peas:
     Cook peas according to directions.
     Blend peas and the other mushy pea ingredients in a blender/cuisinart.
Assemble pies:
    Layer potatoes/peas/gravy on top of the pot pies.

more photos:

lol that last photo looks a little gross. Partially eaten pie lolol.