7 Layer Taco Dip

recipe adapted from this
I made two 8"x8" dishes, one with refried beans and one without

INGREDIENTS (fills an 8"8" pan)
1 can (16oz) refried beans
1 package cream cheese
1 packet taco seasoning
1 container (16oz) sour cream
1 package (or homemade with 2 avocados) guacamole
1 small jar salsa (or 1 can diced tomatoes, drained)
1 can black olives (drained, sliced)
shredded cheese
(optional) crumbled bacon

Layer 1: warmed up refried beans mixed with taco seasoning (if you are omitting the refried beans layer, then mix the taco seasoning with the cream cheese)
Layer 2: cream cheese mixed with sour cream
Layer 3: guac
Layer 4: salsa/diced tomatoes
Layer 5: olives
Layer 6: shredded cheese
[Layer 7: bacon]

I guess this is actually 6 layer dip lol. The original recipe called for lettuce and pepper but they both don't work so well in this dip.

more photos: