Tasty Breakfast Cups

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muffin tin
12 slices of bread
sliced ham or bacon
shredded cheese
6 eggs


Preheat oven to 400F.
Spray cooking spray into each muffin tin.
Cut a large circle out of each slice of bread (basically cut the crust off).
Mold 1 bread circle into each muffin space in the tin.
Line each bread cup with slice of ham (it helps contain everything if the ham sticks up on the sides)
*optional* substitute bacon for ham. Cook the bacon halfway so it is still pliable, place in bread cup instead of ham. Or to go XTREME mode use ham AND bacon!
Sprinkle shredded cheese on top of the ham.
Bake in oven for 5min, to melten things up. Then remove pan from oven, Keep the oven on it's going back in in a minute!
Crack one egg at a time into a bowl or small container, use knife to cut the yolk in half and pour approximately 1/2 egg into each bread/ham/cheese cup. (I found 1/2 egg per cup works best. I just cut the yolk in half and scraped what equates 1/2 an egg into each cup.)
Place back in oven for about 18min. *The egg white takes longer to solidify than the yolk so I kept checking on it and kept baking them until the egg white wasn't runny*
BAM you are done! Scoop out the cups with a spoon and serve warm deliciousness right into your stomach! You might want to even add some salt/pepper etc!

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