Alfredo Chicken Lasagna Rolls

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9 Lasagna noodles
2-3 chicken breasts
shredded mozzarella
small can evaporated milk
ranch powder
crumbled bacon (optional)
Alfredo sauce (to make your own melt 1/2c butter in saucepan on medium heat, then add 1/3 pkg cream cheese and 1/2t garlic. Stir in 2c cream, salt/pepper to taste, 1/2 t oregeno, 2/3c parmesan, and increase heat/stir until thickened.)

Preheat oven to 350F
Cook chicken in skillet along with the evaporated milk and ranch powder. Shred chicken.
Cook 9 lasagna noodles, rinse and dry on paper towel.
Take each noodle and spread alfredo sauce on it, then place the chicken, then top with cheese/seasonings.
Roll up each noodle and place in a 8x8" baking dish.
Top with remaining cheese (and bacon).
Bake for about 30-35 minutes.

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