Nom Nom Bacon Cheddar Dip

also view my recipe here
2 packages cream cheese/Neufchatel (or use 1 pkg cream cheese + 1 store bought dip from the sour cream section)
1 container sour cream
1 lb cooked, chopped bacon
2 c shredded sharp cheddar
desired seasoning (I use Weber Garlic&Herb)

Mix everything in bowl and devour!

A good thing about this dip is you can customize it easily.  I have since made tons of variations of this, and I have found that as long as you use a thing of cream cheese, bacon, and shredded cheese you cant go wrong, no matter what else you add. I have used a package of the pre-cooked bacon crumbles from the store instead of cooking bacon, the various prairie farms dips (the bacon cheddar one is awesome, the fiesta one makes the dip slightly spicy). Last time I used horseradish dip in there and it was awesome! Gardettos and Stacys brand pita chips are our fav accoutrements

more photos: